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Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Garage

Blog post written by Catherine
posted on March 27, 2019

Spring is a great time to take stock of everything that has piled up in your garage during the winter. Whether you are preparing for a garage sale, need to find gardening tools, or just want to see the floor again, Spring is a great time to get this done. Organized by Catherine has compiled these 10 Tips to help you spring clean your garage.

  • Choose a sunny day and use the space on your driveway to sort items.
  • Have the following supplies at hand: broom, cloth or paper towels, garbage bags.
  • Sort as you go. Group similar items together: hand tools, chemicals, sports equipment, etc. This will make it easy to see what you have, making it easier to decide what to keep.
  • Create a pile of items you want to sell. Take pictures of each item at the end of the day.
  • Don't have time to sell? Move what you want to get rid of to the curb and place a FREE sign on it.
  • Too much stuff on the floor? Purchase a 5-shelf resin rack at your local big box store. Many assemble without tools. Look for heavy duty ones that can fit two large Rubbermaid bins on each shelf.
  • Take advantage of space near the ceiling. Hire a local handyman to build shelves that hang from the ceiling.
  • No space for recycling bins? Mount them on the wall with specially designed wall brackets.
  • Purchase a wall mounted broom organizer to keep snow shovels, rakes, and other tools with a long handle off the floor.
  • Mount peg board and use peg board accessories to hang frequently used items such as garden hand tools, scissors, baggies of twist ties, etc.

Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of organizing your garage? Contact Organized By Catherine for a free quote to Spring Clean your garage. I tidy your mess!

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