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Taking Your Chaos to Calm

Residential Services

  • Garages - Fit your car in, organize storage
  • Basements - Storage solutions that make it easy to find your stuff
  • Home Offices - Sort, file and create systems that work for you
  • Gardens - Weeding, planting, design containers, shed organizing
  • Closets - Maximize space and rotate seasonal items
  • Toys - Create solutions that make it easy for children to tidy up
  • Paperwork - Sort and create storage solution that works for you
  • Kitchens - Maximize storage and stop items from falling out of cupboards

To Keep Costs to a Minimum:
  • I'll provide a free written quote outlining the services we have agreed to
  • I'll look around your home for useful items we can repurpose to help organize your space
  • If you require shelving or storage bins, I'll suggest a low-cost option first
  • Suggest charities that will pick up unwanted items for free

I'd be happy to meet you at your home, provide a free estimate, and chat over a cup of coffee.
Let's get started!

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