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Taking Your Chaos to Calm

Estate Clearance

When my husband passed away I faced the daunting task of clearing out his work shop "man cave" in preparation for the sale of my home. Catherine helped me with my online sale of the larger tools and arranged for a scrap metal dealer to pick up what was left after my garage sale. It was a huge job that we got through thanks to Catherine's determination to find the floor and keep this project on track.

~ Hazel, Scarborough

Home Office

Catherine gave my home office a make over! At her suggestion we re-located my home office from the basement to a room on the main floor. My new office is now bright and professional with seating for several clients and a small play area for those who bring their kids. Best of all Catherine turned the old office into a storage room for my clients' records. No more piles on my desk. Thanks so much for a great job!

~ Bill, Pickering

Garage & Basement

Following our move our garage became a dumping ground for everything we couldn't find a home for. With stuff inherited from both our parents soon our basement was overrun too. Catherine tackled the mountain of boxes and sorted all our stuff so that it was easier to decide what to keep and what to toss. She even made an inventory of items for an antique dealer and guided us through the process of online selling. This winter was the first time we parked both cars in the garage! I only wish we had called her sooner!
~ Ron, Ajax

Home Projects

Catherine has completed several jobs around my house including organizing my shed, various gardening projects and indoor painting. Many of these projects seemed like insurmountable obstacles until Catherine got involved. I appreciate her easy-going manner and her willingness to act as a soundboard for my ideas and vision of how I picture my ideal space. I wouldn't hesitate to call her for my next project.

~ Chaz, Oshawa

Great Move

Life seems to move at such a fast pace these days I often feel as though we've all "lost a little something in translation". One of the niceties I miss most is our ability to be grateful and help to lift others up. I'd like to share and leave a little gratitude here. Catherine Davis assisted on a rather large pack, clean, move and unpack over the last 2 weeks. She was extremely flexible while I was juggling and coordinating schedules. Our young clients - who both work from home (they needed their work spaces up and running first) and both suffer from (car accident) spinal injuries - were THRILLED with the level of professionalism and hard work. So thank you for being so dedicated and truly helping to make a difference in this young couples life. Could NOT have done it without you.

~ Lorraine Powell, Richmond Hill

Retail Store

I work side by side with someone on a daily basis, who does the exact same job as I do, but it seemed we were two worlds apart when it came to our organization. For my job there is a large amount of paper work, estimates, receipts, drawings, invoices etcetera. Things were not being put were they were supposed to be and jobs were not getting the proper attention they needed and deserved. Our clients needed to be taken better care of. We really needed to take are "Chaos to calm" so we called in Catherine to help us out.

Catherine was able too come in to the shop and talk to us one on one about what our needs, wants and expectations were. We wanted a system put in place where if I wasn't in the shop or Clare wasn't in the shop we could help each others' clients without looking like a bunch of rookies searching for paperwork. Which up to that point was not happening. After are discussion Catherine sat in the shop and observed our day to day operations (god bless her) at times the store can be quite busy, with deliveries, installers coming and going plus customers popping by and phone calls and emails. Catherine took all that into consideration when coming up with are filing system. Now everything has a purpose and place to go. So even on the busiest of days we don't have a problem finding paperwork. In my opinion Catherine is a very valuable tool to have. She was a real joy to work with and very professional. Being organized and on time is a large part on having a successful business. So from the guys at Floorboys thank you so much for the help you are much appreciated.

~ Floor Boys Flooring, Oshawa

Outdoor Living

Catherine is my backyard go to person. As soon as Spring arrives Catherine cleans my patio furniture, scrubs the deck, and weeds my flower beds. Since I don't have time to water, Catherine selects and plants drought tolerant annuals for my containers and flowerbeds. She created stunning floral arrangements for my large planters. I am amazed what she can accomplish in a few hours! I've already booked her for next year.

~ Aminah T., Brooklyn

Retail / Commercial

We recently moved our Design Studio & Warehouse to a new location. After just moving into our new offices everything was a disorganized mess. It was difficult to do our jobs and organize the office at the same time without sacrificing daily job responsibilities. The solution was to hire a professional organizer. Catherine came to our offices for a consultation and provided us with plan. In just two days Catherine exceeded our expectations. She departmentalized our new facility. She reorganized our Marketing area, brochures and collateral, sorted through supplier brochures and catalogues. She was an absolute powerhouse. It would have taken us far longer to accomplish this. Catherine worked diligently while we continued with the companies daily routines.

Catherine is a true business professional and I highly recommend giving her a call to see how she can help you get organized.

~ Rosanna Whyte, Operations Manager, Y&G Construction Group

Home Office

Holy Crap.

Not only was that my reaction each time I looked at my overflowing home office, it's actually what my office was filled with. Boatloads of crap. Outdated technology and books in one corner; a graveyard of dead pens, and office supplies beyond resuscitation in another. And papers ... oh the papers!

My furniture layout was unproductive. Each time I went to print or scan, I had to take a road trip across my office to another postal code.

My office did not start off this way, but over the last several months, it became a "dump now, sort later" space, until I became overwhelmed. I shut the office door and worked in a compromise location. It was hurting my productivity.

I had a new mindset and outlook for my business and life for 2019, and I was primed to get my physical environment aligned. I could have thrown my random papers in a pile to peruse later, but I knew I needed to do more. I needed a complete overhaul.

This is where Catherine came in. Catherine was my saviour, my organizing angel. While working with Catherine, I realized that if I tried to "do it myself', it would have never happened. If I had tried to "save the cost", I would just paid the price... staying stuck and unproductive.

Nothing in my office was off-limits to Catherine. The first thing was moving my furniture to improve productivity, flow and storage. Next, she showed me how to sort things by category and to make fast keep, donate or toss decisions.

When all was done, much was gone. Now, I have a desk I can use, room to store things, a space that supports my business growth, and best of all, a printer I can use without leaving my chair.

Everything in my office has a purpose now. Armed with passion and clear storage boxes, Catherine is the Fairy Godmother of organizing; and her label maker, her magic wand.

It was through Catherine's work that I discovered systems and processes, the backbone of any successful business, are meaningless without the foundation needed to make them operate efficiently; a proper setup. Setup is as much physical as it is procedural. Now, my home office is set up for success. A weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

They say focus on your best and hire for the rest. I hired the best, and that best was Catherine.

Whether you run a business of 1 or 101 people, you MUST bring Catherine in to help you sort, organize and set your business up for success.

Her organizing services are an investment that will pay you back in spades!

~ AA Mortgage Architects, Ajax